Clark County BIA Endorse Wilson!

May 26, 2016
The Building Industry Group of Clark County (The political action branch of the Clark County Builder’s Association) has given an early endorsement to Rep. Lynda Wilson for her State Senate campaign.  The BIA also gave early endorsements to State Senator Ann Rivers (18th LD) and State Representative Brandon Vick (18th LD).  In a press release, Stephanie Frisch, PR Director for Clark County BIA stated “Representative Lynda Wilson, running for State Senate, has been actively engaged with our members all year. We are extremely fortunate to be represented by these three elected officials who have a deep understanding of the building industry—and know what a significant impact that local and state regulations make on our ability to build affordable homes for the people of Clark County.”


““Two years ago I was honored to receive the endorsement of the BIA during my successful House race. I am truly honored and humbled that BIA has given this early endorsement for my Senate campaign. Our business, DeWils Industries, has been members of the BIA for over 25 years and it is truly a privilege to be able to be a voice for our members in Olympia.” Wilson said in reaction to the endorsement.

The Building Industry Association of Clark County is a trade association representing over 12,000 employees in the construction industry. The BIA serves the interests of all businesses involved in land development and construction. A primary objective of the BIA is to provide issue advocacy before local governments on a host of tax and regulatory issues, on behalf of the building industry. The Government Affairs Committee directs the operations of the department.

The Building Industry Association's early endorsed legislative candidates at the 2016 Salvation Army's Fundraiser, displaying their propensity for community service.
The Building Industry Association’s early endorsed legislative candidates at the 2016 Salvation Army’s Fundraiser, displaying their propensity for community service.