Washington State Dairy Federation Endorses Wilson!

The Washington Dairy PAC, the political action committee for Washington State Dairy Federation, has endorsed Lynda Wilson for State Senator in the 17th Legislative District.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your leadership and public service efforts…. 
Dairy farmers are proactive in working with state and federal agencies to better our practices to protect the quality of our milk and Washington’s natural resources.
This endorsement reflects our members’ trust in you to serve and lead our state, our communities, our rural farm families, and, in particular, our dairy industry.” said PAC executives in a letter to Rep. Wilson.


The Washington State Dairy Federation represents Washington’s 416 dairy farmers and has been the voice of dairy families since 1892. Dairy foods constitute the 2nd largest agricultural commodity produced in Washington, with a direct economic impact valued at $1.3 billion. Additional, indirect economic effects boost the total value of dairy farming to Washington’s economy to an estimated $5.2 billion.