Veterans Village Groundbreaking

Saturday, August 13th I attended the Veterans Village Groundbreaking in the Minnehaha area of Vancouver.  Veterans Village is the brainchild of local Vietnam veteran Michael Stacey.   Stacey’s vision is a small communtiy of for local homeless veterans comprised of a up to 18 “tiny homes”.  The village would be built on an existing vacant lot at 5118 NE St. James Road.

I feel strongly that it is our duty to look out for those who sacrificed so much to protect our way of life. I encourage everyone to look for ways to not only welcome our veterans home when their service is complete, but help them integrate back into our community as they struggle with the long term effects of the trauma they have suffered.

Michael Stacey Says they will build the Village in phases and this is a pilot program. According to his website…

Rendering of
Rendering of “Tiny Home” courtesy Purekraze Events for Veterans

Phase 1 (the prototype) planning, permits and set up of water, sewer and electric hookups and the foundation for each of the 18 micro homes also the building of 8 of the micro homes and fencing around the property.
Phase 2 build 8 more of the micro homes.
Phase 3 build the last two micro homes and the event and community center.
Phase 4 on a new larger property using the same type of materials building micro homes for male and females (in planning stage)
Phase 5 on a new larger property using the same type of materials building two and three bedroom homes for Veterans Families. (in planning stage)

The project faces many challenges in the days ahead. Funding and zoning are first and foremost. You can learn more at Michael Stacy’s website.