Update: Wilson Co-Sponsors 8 Bills

I am proud to co-sponsor the following Bills in the Washington State House of Representatives.  Each one represents the values I campaigned on. Those being smart limited government and the removal of cumbersome regulations.

HB-1316  AN ACT Relating to violations of a temporary protection order.

HB-1324 AN ACT Relating to the protection of persons and property.

HB-1326  AN ACT Relating to prohibiting the use of transportation funds
for public works of art or artistic designs.

HB-1350  AN ACT Relating to election of supreme court justices.

HB-1358 AN ACT Relating to restricting the use of bond proceeds to pay
certain taxes on transportation projects.

HB-1371 AN ACT Relating to administrative procedures to promote
accountability and economic relief.

HB-1373 AN ACT Relating to repealing growth management planning

HJR 4201 A joint resolution creating election districts for supreme court judicial positions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.  Contact Rep. Wilson