Thank you!

You know…I am almost speechless!  Almost!  I don’t know where to start.  I am blessed. I am so very appreciative of the new friendships I have made, the years-long friendships that I’ve had.  Such strong and beautiful daughters…I couldn’t be more proud.(Brianne, Cerisse and Kelsey). It’s not easy being a politician’s kid.  But these 3 girls of mine are the best. They are all rock stars!  And then there’s my sons-in-laws-amazing men all 3. And then there’s  my 85 year old rock star mom that came in and put hours in-phoning…TY.
And then there’s my just plain awesome campaign team.  Steve Nelson, Brian Hardtke, Brian Minnich, Cerisse Banse-Fay, Julie Olson, and Brent Boger.  This was one heckuva race. And we thought the last one was hard. ?. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me this last year.  Most people have no idea how much time, energy, and blood, sweat and tears goes into a race like this.  We are a well oiled machine that would rival any other team!

And of course, my main man…. Tracy Wilson. Husband extraordinaire! My rock. My shoulder. My confidant. My encourager. My very best friend. I can’t thank you enough for your support and tenacity and truthfulness. I love that you stand right beside me…thick or thin. You are one real rock star! Love you bunches.
We had amazing help from the Washington State Republican Party and their ground game. Hal Palmer spent hundreds of hours rallying dozens of doorbellers. They hit over 71,000 doors! That is just incredible! The team at WSRP, including Jake Braunger (who spent hours on stats and strategies. Amazing!
And of course, Brent Ludeman. Does that guy sleep? Not according to his emails. Tireless, Brilliant and versatile. Thank you so much for the endless ideas.
Then there was this month long 10 hour a day phone center led by Sharon Anne McCoy. She spent well over 12 hours a day running that most amazing operation. I have to give a very special thank you to Bill Bryant -our awesome candidate for Governor! He put a ton of resources towards the Phone Center effort. If it weren’t for Bill and his team…the phone center would never have happened. We are all grateful for your dedication to your race! I have not seen a candidate work the districts he has. And then there are the dozens of new and old friends that had that phone to their ear for hours a day…days on end. Calling on our behalf. You are all amazing people and so very glad to get to know you.
Last but not least….I am humbled by the thousands of people that voted for me. That believed in me. That are putting the trust in me to represent them well in Olympia. It is my honor to do just that. I will strive to do my very best. Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy life…with family and friends…to study your ballot and cast your vote. I am deeply appreciative.

Senator-elect Lynda Wilson