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Restoring Freedom, Opportunity & Trust
Lynda Wilson for State Senate
(R) 17th Legislative District
17th District
The 17th Legislative District
Serving Southwest Washington
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17th District
Fighting for you
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Fighting for you
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Lynda Wilson - My Pledge

Let’s work together to restore freedom, opportunity and trust

It is an honor to serve you as Senator for the 17th Legislative District. As a small business owner, I understand the impact decisions made in Olympia can have in Southwest Washington. That’s why I’ve made it my priority to increase job opportunities, hold government accountable, and reduce unnecessary regulations that hold our economy back.

I will protect your liberties and your hard-earned tax dollars.

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Legislative Achievements

Fighting for you


Education is one of my top priorities. Over the past four years the Legislature has invested an additional $4.7 billion in K-12 education, representing a full 36% increase. I supported this effort because it reduced K-3 class sizes, expanded full-day kindergarten, addressed teacher COLA’s and materials, supplies, and operating costs. I am proud to be among those in the Legislature that understands the importance of this historic investment in education and voted to support.


I believe economic opportunity, job creation, and quality life come from a vibrant and innovative private sector, not from a bloated, out-of-touch government. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We must realign priorities and make government live within its means. Just as Washingtonians have made clear with their votes so often in the past, I advocate that a two-thirds majority be required in order to pass any increase in taxes.


As a member of a family owned and operated small business, I understand the many challenges that face our state’s job providers. It’s tough enough to face the rigors of a competitive marketplace, manage cash flow, and provide payroll and benefits for employees, without having to comply with over burdensome rules, regulations, fees, and taxes. Appropriate rules and regulations are necessary, as are reasonable fees and taxes. However, the trend in our state has been to push “tax and regulate” initiatives to job killing levels.

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