Women Helping Women Act – Setting the Record Straight!

I offered the following in response to a question posed by Columbian Reporter Lauren Dake regarding Washington Community Action Network’s (CAN) “Tampon Truck”.

Hi Lauren,

tamponYes, I did see the truck with the tampon on it.  They parked it and another car on our property partially blocking access to our business yesterday morning while they were exploiting victims and survivors of domestic violence.  First off, we have been paying the taxes on feminine hygiene products for years. This is not a new tax. They are purposely lying to support their candidate, Tim Probst. Currently the taxes are going to the general fund.  This bill was to reallocate the sales and use taxes towards a specific and very necessary cause- to support victims, women and children, of domestic violence where county resources are sorely lacking.  This bill would have nearly quadrupled the funding for these services.  I had the full backing of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the YWCA and WACOPS (WA Council of Police and Sheriffs) and advocates of those against elder abuse, with offers to testify on behalf of it had it ever been given a hearing.  However, the House Majority Democrats refused to hear the bill!

pomudI am appalled at the rhetoric and lies being spewed at the expense of women and children who fear for their lives every day they are put into a domestic violence situation.  Many times, that is daily. They deserve better.  These agitators might enjoy making light of this serious issue at domestic violence victims’ expense, by driving around a giant tampon, but I don’t think it’s funny.

The protesters at my business yesterday and Tim Probst were at a WA CAN (Community Action Network) meeting together the night before they decided to display a giant tampon to humiliate women victims of domestic violence.  We have pictures of both events. You might ask Tim about the timing of this stunt.  So much for running a clean campaign.

Women help women – it’s a simple fact.  When our mother, daughter, sister, friend is hurt or ailing or in danger, we help them.  Sure, everyone in our society should pony up to pay for the tragic and societal problem of domestic violence.  But, until they do, why shouldn’t women step up now …to help empower these women that need help.  We are paying the tax already.  If we can reallocate these resources so that we can provide more funding for law enforcement and prosecuting attorney’s to arrest and prosecute those violent offenders  then it is not a question of should we…it’s a question of how soon.   Encourage them to move forward, to live again…without fearing for their lives every day of their lives. That is just no way to live. I’ve spoken to these women…  I’ve heard their stories…  I know how they feel.

FYI  …Nearly 50,000 reports of domestic violence in Washington were reported in 2014 and 70% of those were women!

When my first bill didn’t move, I ran the bill to repeal the sales and use tax altogether since the feminine hygiene products are medically necessary and like all other medically necessary products, they should not be taxed. The House Democrat leadership chose not hear that bill as well.

HB2713-Women Helping Women Act

HB2987-Pink Tax-repealing the tax


Representative Lynda Wilson
District 17

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