Lynda Wilson

A native Washingtonian, Lynda has served, with distinction, two years in the State House of Representatives and four years in the State Senate for the 17th District. As a mother, grandmother, and small business owner, Lynda went to Olympia in order to bring her more common-sense approach to the issues facing fellow Washingtonians and to do in it a way that brought more transparency, accountability, and effectiveness to our state government.

In her six years in the State Legislature, Lynda has achieved major successes in passing legislation protecting domestic abuse victims, promoting mental health counseling for veterans, defending small business rights, eliminating the tax on female menstrual products, enhancing rural workforce development, defending academic free speech, giving more local control to better facilitate economic development and job creation, and advocating for your right for your security for self and loved ones, in addition to much more.  Additionally, she has introduced several bills pushing for more government transparency and accountability including a ban on the corrupt use of Title Only Bills and holding bureaucratic agencies responsible for explaining their deliberate misinterpretations of democratically passed legislation.

Through all her time in Olympia, Lynda has always put her community first. She has never forgotten that she works for all the citizens of her district.  You can count on Lynda to continue to place the needs, and aspirations of her constituents above the many special interest groups vying for influence within our state government.

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