Lynda Wilson signs pledge
Lynda Wilson signs pledge

Olympia – June 11 2014, 17th Legislative District Candidate, Lynda Wilson, became the first candidate for elected office in Washington State to sign a pledge, promising to reject contributions from unions that use involuntary fees from union members.

“In good conscience, I can’t accept donations from unions where I know their members are forced to pay mandatory fees — some of which go into political contributions,” said Lynda Wilson. “I welcome contributions from individual union members who support my candidacy or from union groups which only collect voluntary political funds from their union members.”

A recent study from the Freedom Foundation, a Washington based think-tank, found that 65 union groups used compulsory union dues to fund political activities, while 21 union organizations did not.

“Taking donations from unions that force their members to pay into political activities is wrong and an abuse of the union member’s individual rights,” said Wilson. “I call on my opponent to set a good example and join me in rejecting donations from these union groups.”

Lynda Wilson with Freedom Foundation's CEO Tom McCabe
Lynda Wilson with Freedom Foundation’s CEO Tom McCabe

Lynda Wilson is a mother, grandmother and small business owner who is Working to Restore Freedom, Opportunity and Trust for the citizens of the 17th Legislative District.

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